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Fire Hose

Price list of cheap fire extinguishersPrice of fire extinguisher is usually based on the type, brand and different models so that the price list must be adjusted according to the type. Because of the types of Extinguishers that are sold, they certainly have different specifications.Type of Extinguisher Hose there are 2Rubber Type: Fire Hose Rubber is a type of hose made of synthetic rubber that is stronger and can be used in indoor and outdoor use. This rubber hose is also called the Rubber Extinguisher Hose with a red characteristic.Types of Canvas: Canvas Type Fire Hose also called fire extinguisher water hose made of fabric fiber with a maximum pressure of up to 16 Bars with White Color characteristics.Of the several types and prices offered in the price list, they must have been adjusted to the quality of each product sold. By getting a cheap price, of course, you will get a lot of direct benefits such as the benefits of buying products in large quantities, that is, you will easily sell them back to get profits from your sales.
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