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Powder Media Fire Extinguishers
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28 Apr 2020
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Fire Extinguishers Powder Media, drychemical powder is the most widely used extinguisher / media because of its versatile function with the most affordable price of a fire extinguisher. The ingredients of the dry chemical powder include the following:

1. Mono-ammonium phosphate, this material is very effective for extinguishing ABC class fires. However, this mono-ammonium phosphate material is rather corrosive so it must be avoided on electronic goods. So that residues must be cleaned immediately so as not to rust electronic devices.

2. Sodium bicarbonate / sodium bicarbonate, this material is used to extinguish fires of class B and C. However, this material cannot be used to extinguish class A fires.

3. Pottasium bicarbonat, effective for extinguishing class B and C. fires

4. Potassium bicarbonate and monnex, this material is also very effective for extinguishing BC class fires. Because, monnex has the ability to break down chemical powders into very small particles.

5. Potassium chloride, this material is also effective for extinguishing BC class fires. However, this material has the disadvantage of leaving a corrosive residue.

We provide various types of powder extinguishing media, including powder extinguishers which are used specifically for fire class D. fires caused by metals such as: lithium, magnesium, uranium etc. Extinguishing media using special powder, among others: sodium, potassium acetate, potassium citrate, etc.

You can contact our Customer Service to get more information about this powder extinguisher media products and other fire extinguishers.


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