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Training and Testing Services for Fire Protection & Detection Systems
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27 Apr 2020
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Training and Testing Services for Fire Protection & Detection Systems - We open training for firefighters or individuals who want to improve their skills in dealing with fire risks. So when facing a fire, you already have the ability and also knowledge of how to extinguish the fire and what extinguishers are suitable for use in the fire.

We also provide fire protection and detection systems testing services with a variety of modern equipment and accurate results. Such as fire detector tests, hydrant pressure tests, and so forth.

You can contact our Customer Service to get more information about training services and testing of this fire protection and detection system and other fire extinguishers.
1. The Prices Listed Are Not Actually Nominal Because We Follow The Dollar Exchange Rate Fluctuations
2. "Open Distributor / Reseller" Contact No. Our PSTN To Get the Best Price
3. Only accept offline purchases
4. Specifications are subject to change at any time without notice

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