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27 Apr 2020
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Gas Suppression Refill Services - In a fire suppression system installation system, where each component works in an integrated manner so that the process of fire suppression can occur automatically. When the sensor detects a fire. And after the fire fighting process has been completed, the extinguishing media must be immediately refilled again. So that this type of suppression fire protection system can always be ready for use in emergency situations.

The most extinguishing media for fire suppression uses gas extinguishing media. In addition to CO2 (carbon dioxide) gas, the suppression system uses halon gas substitute clean agent, namely HFC 227 EA which is a refill of FM 200 and FK5-1-1-2 which is a refill of NOVEC 1230. Where FM200 and NOVEC 1230 are trademarks from Chemours / Dupont.

The use of halon gas substitutes for HFC 227 EA and FK5-1-1-2 is the development of a ban on the use of halon gas which can damage the ozone layer. The advantages of halon replacement gas are as follows:
a. Halon gas is safe for humans and the environment, and does not erode the ozone layer
b. Halon replacement gas does not leave residues that can cause corrosion to electronic devices

If you need more detailed information about this gas suppression refill service, you can contact our Customer Service.

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