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Gas Clean Agent Media Fire Extinguishers
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30 Apr 2020
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Gas Clean Agent Media Fire Extinguishers - halon gas clean agent extinguishing media used after halon gas use is prohibited because it results in the erosion of the ozone layer. Gas clean agents are used as extinguishing media for both fire extinguishers and fire suppression systems. For each type of fire extinguisher it uses different materials, namely:

1. Fire extinguisher using HFC 236 FA replacement gas extinguishing media used as FE36 refill
2. Installation of suppression systems using halogen gas extinguishing media HFC 227 EA for FM 200 refill, and FK5-1-1-2 for NOVEC 1230 refill. FE36, FM200 and NOVEC 1230 are trademarks of Chemours / Dupont

Clean gas extinguishing media both HFC 236FA, HFC 227EA and FK5-1-1-2 for fire extinguishing media have advantages, among others:
1. Is a clean agent so that it does not leave residues after the blackout process is complete
2. Very effective for extinguishing fires caused by materials containing carbon (class A fires), liquid chemicals and gases (class B fires) and fires originating from electrical short-circuits. So this multipurpose halon extinguishing media can be used for ABC fire classes
3. Safe for humans and the environment (non-toxic and does not erode the ozone layer)

We provide a fire extinguisher with HFC 236FA extinguishing media, and refill HFC 227 EA extinguishing media and FK5-1-1-2 for your fire suppression system installation.
You can contact our Customer Service to get more information about gas clean agent products and other fire extinguishers.

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