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Fire Sprinkler 1-2 inc 68c Glass

Sell Fire Sprinkler 1-2 inc 68c Glass

Specification of Fire Sprinkler 1-2 inc 68c Glass

Standard spray nozzle intended for use in sprinkler systems designed in accordance with standard installation rules recognized by authorized institutions. This fire sprinkler produces a hemispherical water distribution pattern under the deflector. During a fire condition, the thermal sensitive fluid in a glass ball inflates, causing the bulb to rupture, releasing the button and the spring seal. Water flowing through the sprinkler hole attacks the sprinkler deflector, forming a uniform spray pattern to extinguish or control fire.

Style: Upright
Bulb Nominal He. & Response: 5mm, Standard Response and 3mm, Quick Response
Thread Size [Optional]: NPT1 / 2 or R1 / 2
Nominal Orifice Size: 1/2 Inch
Nominal K-Factor: 5.6 (U.S.) / 80 (metric)
Max. Working Pressure: 175 psig / 1.2 MPa (12 bars)
Factory Hydrostatic Test: 100% @ 500psig (3.4 MPa)
Min. Operating Pressure: 7 psig / 0.048 MPa (0.48 bar)
Sprinkler Finish [Optional]: Chrome Plated
Listings and Approvals: UL (United States) / ULC (Canada)

UD. Jakarta Safety & Security is a trading company located in Jakarta. For many years we are engaged in retail business as well as distributors of various types of products and one of them is as a fire sprinkler agent and distrubutor, light and heavy fire extinguishers.