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announciator panel 30 zone material abs brand yunyang.
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19 May 2020
1 unit
IDR 31.150

Specification of

Conventional fire alarm system Announciator Panel 30 Zone

Number of Loops: 30L
H (mm): 400
W (mm): 300
D (mm): 120


Model: YF-1
Power Source: 110V AC 50/60 Hz Or 220V AC 50/60 Hz
Standby Battery: None / Upgrade Option
Charging Voltage: None / Upgrade Option
Circuit Voltage: 24V DC Operation Voltage, Under 5V 32mA
Rated Impedance: Under 50O, Ground Resistance Above 2MO
Detector Connection: No Limitation for Conventional Rate of Rise Heat / Fixed Temperature Heat Detectors; Up to 30 photoelectric Smoke Detectors (24V DC 40μA) per zone

E.O.L Resistor: 10KO
No. Of Indicator: 1.2 times of the number of zone (LED indicating lamp)
No. Of Bells: 1.2 times of the number of zones
Cabinet Material: Powder Coating Steel (Optional Flame retardant ABS enclosure available up to 20L only)
Main Audio: Mono tone sounder (above 85dB for 1 m distance)
Alarm Relay Contact: 2 sets of No-Voltage NO contact, capacity AC 250V / 7A

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* Specifications and Prices subject to change without prior notice
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